Did anyone here go to the RMAF and listen to the new VTL signature TL 5.5 preamp? I am interested in a full funtcion preamp, (I am trying to simplify my system with fewer components and cables)? If you did what did you think. I have auditioned the VTL 6.5 and it was wonderful but big, line only and a bit out of the budget. I have also auditioned the Aesthetix Rhea and Calypso at different stages and #1 on my possible list is the Janus or Janus signature, the VTL may take it's place however. I appreciate your input.
Please, look at the VAS 1. Great sound, function and price.
I thought the VTL/Avalon Indra set-up at RMAF sounded excellent with both an analog source Rega P5/Exact and digital source. It is difficult to say how much of this was due to the VTL 5.5, but it certainly didn't get in the way!
From what I know the new 5.5 is at its best driving tube amps but will be fine driving SS amps. The 6.5 will show a step above with SS amps as the impedance spec is different and can drive longer cables etc.
i also heard the vtl avalon room with ayre digital as the source very good sounding room , one of the best at the show. how much was due to vtl ? such is the situation at such a place , but a great sound none the less.
I agree about the sound in that room, very good indeed, but how do you separate the other components. One reason is the relatively small speakers. So many manufacturers keep overwhelming small romms with massive top of the line speakers. Not the best room at RMAF, but in my top 10.
Argh. I never heard this room. Was my first stop on Sunday but they weren't 'open' as of 9am so I went elsewhere and meant to go back, but ran out of time. My loss by the sound of it.