RMAF 2021 Cancelled

Not only is this year's show cancelled, there will be no more Rocky Mountain Audio Fests.  It's over.
I’ve been going since I moved to Denver in 2014. Attendance was always high and it had established itself as an important show. I’d already got my tickets for this year, so really upset it’s been cancelled, but understandably so given Delta and Lambda threatening further deaths in the wings.  I’m sure given the number of audio manufacturers locally and high local interest that something will rise from the ashes, but I’m afraid this is just another sad casualty of this rotten pandemic. 
Major bummer.  RMAF was the best weekend of my year.  

Many thanks to Marjorie for bringing so many good things to so many people for so long.  She's amazing.
Where's the sign-up sheet to Chuxpona ... I'm in?!

Yeah I'm on board with any event that has more beer and less nannies...........