RMAF 2019!

Just got home from a long day at RMAF.  I had a great time!  The venue is spectacular this year but definitely spread out.  Get ready to walk :-)

Some rooms you should check out are (in no particular order):

Vandersteen, Joseph Audio, Salk, Revel, Classe, Jeff Rowland (Vivid Speakers), Kii Audio (Bryston Room), Mark Levinson, YG Acoustics,

There were some I missed and some that I didn’t mention that sounded great but the ones I mentioned above all sounded really nice and are definitely worth checking out.   Hopefully my little list will help someone out Saturday or Sunday.  Enjoy the Show!!
I've attended two previous RMAFs. I am local, live in Littleton. Venue is to far out of town for me to go multiple days. 50 minutes each way. Venue was nice but difficult to find rooms, I'm sure many were missed. Much lower attendance by vendors than years past. Most of the rooms were not great sounding, mostly for poollr music choices and booming bass.   Okay, rant done. Berreson sounded great, one of the best. United home with the reel to reels, YG was very good. New PS audio loudspeakers were very respectable. Nola is usually great but their enormous speakers overwhelmed the small room.   Hope need yeast is much better

I’ve heard some vivid speakers sound pretty spectacular at a show.I auditioned the Oval, have heard the Kaya extensively, and have heard the Giyas at shows.

For whatever reason, they never did sound quite as pleasing as the first time I heard them.
First audio show for me. I liked it a bunch although the wasted time for registration sucked. 
I stayed at the venue and thought it was nice but “nice” price as well.  

We were above the Z review room. 

Didn't go there. Loved Revel but wanted to hear the bigger 328 but it wasn’t available. 
Elac bookies were impressive. 
The AlsyVox were very impressive as were the YG Acoustic. 

Wanted to hear the Maggie’s, none there. Wanted to hear some Electrostatic, none available. 
Dynaudio room listed, not there. 

Disappointed, Magico and Zu Audio 

hometheaterhifi.com has a very nice write-up on RMAF 2019.