RMAF 2019 PS Audio AN3 loudspeaker

Hello folks,

Since I am not able to personally attend the RMAF 2019 and listen to these new beauties I am asking around for opinions of people who where there and have had the opportunity to listen to them. Was it convincing this time or not?

How would you describe the charteristics of the speaker ? Was it warm, cold, edged, rendered softly, bright, neutral or how would you describe the sound?

The first series got a lot of critics and they should have been well heard.

I heard them last year and this year.  Last year was a disaster.  They looked like they were glued together the night before the show started and sounded terrible.

This show was better, but I kept sitting there thinking "why?"  The last thing we need is another overpriced midsized speaker that frankly does nothing special or innovative.

They will sell a ton of them just because of the name and press hoopla, but the absolute LAST thing I would do is buy a speaker from a company that has never made one before.  Arnie Nudell died before these were completed and the whole reason they started making speakers was due to getting Arnie involved.

Some people won't heed that advice and will buy them even though Arnie had very little to do with them.  I suspect many will be happy with them because they didn't do anything offensive, but I highly doubt this model will be long lasting or "legendary" in any sense.  In fact, within a few years, I guarantee they create an "upgrade" and your $20k is depreciated even further.
Wow, there are too many bad reviews about this speaker around. I can recall a guy in the Audiokarma forum being many times more happy with his Infinity RS2b and another use has a pair of Kappa 9s, bimaped them.