RMAF 2019 PS Audio AN3 loudspeaker

Hello folks,

Since I am not able to personally attend the RMAF 2019 and listen to these new beauties I am asking around for opinions of people who where there and have had the opportunity to listen to them. Was it convincing this time or not?

How would you describe the charteristics of the speaker ? Was it warm, cold, edged, rendered softly, bright, neutral or how would you describe the sound?

The first series got a lot of critics and they should have been well heard.

They sounded quite good.  Detailed, open, dynamic with good bass but the image (tonal balance) shifted noticeable while moving my head just 4 or 5 inches to one side or the other.  The whole system sounded very good but it didn’t grip me and I didn’t stay long.  In my opinion (which may not be worth a whole lot honestly, lol) there were better sounding speakers for less money that looked better and didn’t require your head to be in a vice while listening.  
Have they been tweaked since axpona? I would call them a work in progress, don't have my notes, but I would agree the sweet spot was really small. 
I would hope they tweaked them after Axpona. When heard then they did NOTHING for me....zero involvement. Imagining was poor, tonally way off. Hope they have changed drastically.
So in other words compared to older Infinitys such as Kappa 9's, IRS Gammas, IRS Bettas, RS2bs and so on they are not really worth the money or was it the bad sounding room?
When I read the comments here I believe nothing has changed since the last time and it is not worth investing 10K grand.
Infinitys generally do have a very large sweet spot, however, you will have sit somewhat further back till farfield radition does develop. When someone says their sweetspot is small I am wondering what these series do have in common with the "Arnie Nudell" sound.
Since I am from Europe I will wait until the AN-3s are availabe in my location and then run off the dealer for a listening session.
However, these top comments make me believe they are different from what Infinity was.
They are redesigned. Totally. And possibly $20k.
Well sitting at the Denver Airport with a 2 hour flight delay thinking about my impressions from RMAF. Looking for a midrange tower to go in a 23X15x8 foot room my top 3 speakers ended up being the ATC SCM50, Rockport Atiar, PS audio AN3 the Rockports has mids and highs that where detailed and smooth separation was great the ATC sounded very rounded big presentation organic sound and the PSaudio has the best imaging by far and the most bass reach and blended the best form up top to the bottom the mids and highs still clean and clear but not as good as the Rockports the AN3 also the cheapest out of the three the Choice is simple the PSaudio AN3 best mid sized tower for the money
consideration with out looking at price the PSaudio and Rockports are a tie I would prefer each one over the other depending on music and mood
A lot of rooms to visit in a short amount of time.  All in all the Rockport Atria's sounded very good.  I also liked the boulder room with the V.A. Liszt with the overkill of the REL subs.  Not really a fair comparison.  I also thought the Synergistic Research room with the Magico's sounded good.  I'm not really a fan of Magico's but they did a nice job.  The PS audio speakers have promise.  I thought they imaged well but there was a slight thickness in the mids.  This is still a beta test speaker.  The price is pushing the point of may good speakers.  I'm sure my views will differ from some of the "professional" reviewers.  Speakers that didn't do anything for me were the Wilsons, Tektons and many more.  If I could weave a thread through all of them without price being an object, probably my favorite room was the YG acoustics room.  It hit a lot of my buttons.  The speaker I want to hear more from that was not being shown but was part of the Computer Audio Design room was the Boenicke W8 I believe.  It really caught my attention and I think the W11 is the bigger version.  I fell hard for that little dude.
Yes the Boenicke W8 was really surprising. I always don’t want to like them because of the "tweaky" technology added but wow! Definitely punches above it’s weight but hard to find and $$$. You tweakers put your flame throwers down, I’m most likely not up on the latest.
I heard them last year and this year.  Last year was a disaster.  They looked like they were glued together the night before the show started and sounded terrible.

This show was better, but I kept sitting there thinking "why?"  The last thing we need is another overpriced midsized speaker that frankly does nothing special or innovative.

They will sell a ton of them just because of the name and press hoopla, but the absolute LAST thing I would do is buy a speaker from a company that has never made one before.  Arnie Nudell died before these were completed and the whole reason they started making speakers was due to getting Arnie involved.

Some people won't heed that advice and will buy them even though Arnie had very little to do with them.  I suspect many will be happy with them because they didn't do anything offensive, but I highly doubt this model will be long lasting or "legendary" in any sense.  In fact, within a few years, I guarantee they create an "upgrade" and your $20k is depreciated even further.
Wow, there are too many bad reviews about this speaker around. I can recall a guy in the Audiokarma forum being many times more happy with his Infinity RS2b and another use has a pair of Kappa 9s, bimaped them.