RMAF 2019 Arrival

Just arrived at RMAF and hope things improve tomorrow. I’m pissed!

I booked my room through the RMAF site (even though I am a Marriott Platinum member) and when I checked in I found that my room is CAN YOU BELIEVE IT the farthest from the event possible! I asked the Marriott folks to move me to at least the same zip code as the show in the hotel but they say the RMAF folks need to give approval. WTF! Oh did I mention I had to wait from 5:00p to 7:15p for my long distance room to be ready… again WTF!

Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAA-mbulance!   ;^}
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Following up... the hotel offered to move us last evening late but my wife had already settled in for the night so we decided to just get the exercise!
We checked in laaaaate last night and got a room on the “other” side like you on the 3rd floor..

i looked out the window and saw the roof and wall as a “view” and said aw hell naw!

The moved us to the 10th floor “Mountain View” room.

That's more like like it now !
"Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAA-mbulance! ;^}"

That's funny.

Vandersteen Quints (if that’s what they will be called), powered by Vandersteen and VTL, cabled and conditioned by Audioquest.  Outstanding.

The new PS Audio speakers in an all-PS Audio system.  

A new Spendor, maybe 9.6(?), outstanding, with amazing deep bass, and detail.  Powered by Chord.  The best sounding Boz Scaggs’ Thanks to You I have ever heard, with tons of sonic details I hadn’t heard in that track before.

Mildly disappointed to hear Audio Research’s top gear, paired with some huge Sonus Fabers.  I hadn’t seen this model before, six feet tall and obviously hundreds of pounds, like Amaris after some years of steroids.  The system was tucked to the side of a small ballroom, in a near-field, with the speakers drastically tilted to converge on a couple chairs in the front row.  I didn’t get within 10 feet of this sweet spot, which may explain the somewhat thin and bright sound.  I like AR’s house sound, but I didn’t hear the sweet, smooth detail I associate with AR.  This was a system I would have really liked to hear in a different set up.