RMAF 2016

Just read the press release from last week  that several Atrium rooms on the ground, 4 and 5th floors will be moved to smaller rooms in the tower and makeshift pods outdoors due to unforeseen construction delays. High Water Sound has been forced to pull out of RMAF because of this. Seems like terrible planning on the Marriott's part and terrible contingency planning on RMAF's part. CanJam will now be under a tent outside. Not sure why they didn't procure a wing or two at the Hyatt via cooperation with Marriott and run shuttles. Still not a perfect fix but better than pods and tents. I'm fearful several more exhibitors affected by this will pull out now. And this is the year I am going.........ugh.

Thanks for the info. I was planning to attend this year. Now I'll just push it out to next year..

Blame the Marriott- it is not unlike that they did not know this show was coming in October every Fall?

Of course these changes make for an unsettled pre show feel, but I predict there will be plenty to see and hear. Can Jam in a tent may not be a bad thing - that is what it was at Newport Beach for several years. I think that the headphone world is now advanced enough to warrant individual rooms and a quieter evaluation environment than the big open ballroom.

 CanJam 2009 in LA was a special event with it's small rooms and big hallways in which to stand and talk.

I am still planning to go, learn, and most importantly talk in person to the audio builders I respect and whose equipment I use.

David Pritchard