RMAF 2016 "No Schiit?"

Schiit Audio released 2 new pre-amps and a new amplifier today at RMAF 2016.  

The smaller pre-amp was $350 (ish?) and the larger was $699, I believe.  The amp is a class d design and can be ran in stereo or bridged.  Its chassis is half width so 2 of them side by side is the same width as the larger pre-amp.  The smaller preamp is the same width as a bifrost.  They use tubes in their linestage (i believe). The smaller preamp has 1 tube, the larger preamp has 4.  They both have remotes.  The smaller 1 has 1db volume adjustments, the larger has .5db volume adjustments.  The equipment looks really nice and is priced really reasonably.  On a side note, Schiit has a "Modi" multibit dac as well (dont know if thats new...)

Sorry for the lack of specs or knowledge; just wanted to share some schiit!
The stereo amp introduced is class A/B design according to their website , with no capacitors in the signal path. 
Thanks for the correction!  Im not even seeing the amp on their website... Where is it?  Whats it's name?
"NO Schiit?"   Sounds like there's a lot of new Schiit.
Hegel released a new integrated as well; its called "rost" pronounced "rust".  No Schiit.
Schiit is showing three products at RMAF:

Remote Passive/Active Preamp

Relay switched stepped attenuator (64 steps)
Selectable passive or tube hybrid buffer operation
Tube hybrid buffer uses 6SN7 tube and 200V rails
5 inputs, 2 outputs
Full remote control
Shipping October 2016 for $349

Balanced Remote Passive/Active Preamp

Relay switched stepped attenuator (128 steps)
Selectable passive, JFET buffer, or tube gain operation
Tube gain stage uses (4) 6SN7 tubes and 300V rail
2 balanced inputs, 3 SE inputs, balanced and SE outputs
Full remote control
Shipping October 2016 for $699

Intelligent Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier

100W RMS per channel into 8 ohms, 200W RMS per channel into 4 ohms (stereo)
400W RMS into 8 ohms (mono)
Current-feedback gain stage with dual mono topology back to the transformer
No capacitors or DC servos in signal path, no switching supplies, no class D
Microprocessor-controlled operational point management and protection
Shipping Estimated Q1 2017 for $699
Saga, Freya, and Vidar, like all Schiit products, are made in the USA (really.)

Schiit will be playing Freya and two Vidars in mono configuration, together with the Yggdrasil DAC and Salk streamer and Salk loudspeakers in Room 2003 at RMAF. Saga will be on static display. Schiit's desktop product line will also be displayed in the CanJam tent.

Keen on any thoughts on how the setup sounded. With Schiit's history, these will perform waaayy above their price points.

Will be curious how these compare to other high end Brands.
For the buck great product, I went from modi,in ond system yo Gungnir dac
Then the Superb Multibit. I kicked my $5k Luxmans Ass which is long gone
Next is their flagship which Yaggs which BTW as good as it is they are they are  working on a upgrade next year when ?  JUST THROUGH THE AUDIO GRAPE  VINE.
I visited the Schiit room briefly.  Didn't know the speakers at all, but thought the system was rather bright and forward.  Was it the speakers?  The amp?  Preamp?  Source?  Who could say?  Whatever was responsible, I was disappointed. 
I really enjoyed the speakers, Salk Song3s at Axpona.  There they were paired with a Wells integrated & Lampizator dac (not sure which model).  I definitely heard better imaging in other rooms, and overall the bass was a bit disconnected--but these seem to be very room & placement dependent attributes. I spent more time there than many other rooms (because the price was palatable) and never found them bright.
well Schitt, I am in the market right now for a new amp for my front L&R ATC SCM 19 v2's.  Not sure I want to wait until January...hmmm

$699 and non-class D?  Hope is sounds good as I think two of those would drive the 84 db-W-m (in)efficient ATCs pretty well.  Well within my price point too!
I'm going to look into it. I just recently purchased the Asgard 2 headphone amp and I love it.  I seriously already made plans to buy more from this really excellent company. You really can't go wrong with any of this companies Schitt.
Found some pictures here

At every local headphone meet I attend, I try to listen to some Schiit gear. I always think to myself that this will be the time when I hear something that makes me understand why their stuff is so popular. Sadly, I never do. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
Amen to different strokes!

Love to hear it in a controlled environment sometime. 

On a positive note, I got to compare the Chord Hugo to Hugo TT to DAVE.  No prizes for guessing that DAVE was the best sounding - it was nothing short of brilliant.