RM-40's up against VERACITY 3's

these two speakers are close in price.if anyone has heard them both please jump in and drop a fast comment,thks.
"Marbles" over on AC forum has owned both and kept the Salks. They sound very good in his setup. I didn't hear the RM40's myself. There are several others on that forum that went the same route.
There are a number of speakers in your price range that are excellent. They will all sound different from one another and from one room to another. The only way to really know is to at least go hear them. Also at audiocircle.com is Selah Audio. Rick's line arrays have received as astounding user comments as either Salk or Vmps.

Btw I am a part time dealer for Vmps so I'm not pushing you away from them, just saying that after hearing so many speakers myself and many different speakers in other peoples systems I know nobody can make a good choice for you but you.

There are many users of B&W speakers that are very happy. I like the sound of B&W myself. They are just way over priced compared to what you can get from one of these small companies. Maggies sound good too but are anemic sounding dynamically to me yet they have a strong following.

You're on the right track. The audio mags don't review alot of speakers that sound outstanding for the money. Go listen to all you can before you buy.
thks for the good advice.i live in a land where i have to buy from word of mouth only.from what i have been reading on different sites is all i have to go on.here's the list:zu def is a interesting speaker along with the van 5a's - not in the budget.db-99's sound like a good one,with the rm-40's.i think i may have to bite on the veracity 3's.they fit the budget and spark a big interest.B&W'S UP FOR SALE
I believe you'll be very happy. I've no doubt the Salks sound excellent, especially for what Jim charges for them. The B&W's in my opinion sound good but cost too much for what you get. There's a large gap between what you can get from Vmps for the same money as B&W as far as sound goes. I'm sure the same applies to the Salks. Also the Salks have some very beautiful woodwork with many options. Btw there's an owners circle at audiocircle.com for Salk speakers. Best of luck with your new speakers!