RLP - 1135 vs RLP 12- 295 Riverside LP

I was looking at a Riverside Record.

The Original for Clark Terry . Top and Bottom Brass

It looks like the Original was RLP 1135

It says the re-issue is RLP 12- 295

question : does any one know if these re-issues LP are of the similar sound quality?

and secound what year approximatelly were these issues done ..

ex: Were the re issues done in the late 50/ 1960 or have they been redone in the 1980

thank you
According to Goldmine, RLP 12-295 is the Original 1959 pressing in Mono. RLP 1137 is the Original 1959 pressing in Stereo.
I own the mono (RLP 12-295) and the pressing is great in glorious mono and the music is top notch.
Forgot to add that http://www.jazzdisco.org/ is an invaluable resource for researching old jazz labels and records.