Rives Audio purchases Talon Loudspeaker Co.

In an August 7th press release, Rives Audio has announced that they have purchased the assets of Talon.


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Rives or Talon. I am a Rives client and am only passing the information along. Congratulations Richard and Chris. May your new venture be successful.
Well, I just had a look at Mr.Rives system, Can we expect him to change his Martin logans for some Tylers at least in his system?
Cardani: I think you meant Talon rather than Tyler. I own Talon Hawks in for my office and a Talon Thunderbird subwoofer is in the reference system. I do need to reference that in my system. I've owned those for quite some time, long before this transaction. The Talon's are one of the few speakers I would ever consider replacing electrostics with--as I do love their transparancy. The Talon's also offer far better dynamics and power handling. So in time it may happen, but there are more important clients right now other than myself. Kind of like the cobblers son having worn out shoes. I was the last to do acoustical treatment to the room, It may be a while before I do anything with my own speakers.
Mr Rives:
Yes sorry i meant Talon not Tyler. BTW very nice system , I was just wandering why no Talon,s there. Best wishes and sucsess with your new projects and company.
As a current talon product owner (ravens, khites, roc sub), I'll be interested to learn about what type of service and products will be availabe to us.
The current product listing is on the website at www.talonspeakers.com. We are developing some new products currently. We are also trying to find out from users, such as yourself, if there is a demand for crossover upgrades. The one that seems to have the most demand is the Khorus. If there is a demand we intend to make those available. Also, the dealer network is being put in process. They will be posted on the site in a few months. Currently, there are no authorized dealers for this speaker line--as it was purchased less than a week ago. They all have to apply through Rives Audio/Talon sales for a dealership at this point.

We plan to serve the Talon users, both old and new, very well with the same high level of service Rives Audio is known for--now that Talon is a Rives Audio company.
Hey, what took you so long to get back on line... As a Khorus/2 owner :^) I would like to say "congratulations" on all who were involved in the awakening of the sleeping giant (Talon) and the best of luck to its new owners...Great Product...
Thank you for your kind words. I agree that Talon is an outstanding product, it just didn't have what it needed behind it in terms of business. We are very fortunate to bring this level of engineering and design to market.

As to taking long to get on line, we had the website up the same day we purchased the company. For obvious reasons, we couldn't do it before we purchased the company.
Congratulations RIves!

For what it's worth Lloyd Walker (Walker Turntables) thinks the Talon is one of the finest speakers in the world. I respect both you and Lloyd so I assume by connection, you are throwing your support into very high quality product.

It will be interesting to see where you take this company. I hope you do a product at the upper limit (large and powerful) to compete with the other big speakers.
Thank you Albert (and Lloyd indirectly). There are a number of things in development and the concept of a large reference speaker is being considered. However, at the moment we have some fundamental things to deal with right now. Most importantly is building the dealer network.