Rives Audio No More

Just noticed that Rives Audio is no more... Officially closed Jan 2, 2015. Shame. Who's left for audio room design?
Jeff Hedback of HD design, did Art Smuck's room room which I've had he pleasure of listening in a few times, its excellent. You can search it here on AG.

HD Acoustics

Good listening

Vicoustic USA would be my recommendation
They had a good run.
Hedback Design gets my recommendation as well. A few years ago I happened to be talking to Art Smuck about an VAC amp and I mentioned needing the services of an audio designer. He gave me Jeff's name
. It just so happened to be very close to my location. I had a very difficult room to work with. The results were amazing.
I'm building a new home now and Jeff Hedback has been designing this from the beginning. Hedback Design has my highest recommendation.
Peter , I've not had the pleasure of listening in Art's room but the photos are very impressive.
Bummer! Two months ago I was discussing doing my room with them and eventually decided to postpone the project another year.

Thanks for the heads-up, though.
What was their demise? Economic? Principles moves on.....?
Another vote for Vicoustics. They transformed my room from
average to outstanding. They give you the option of using
their computer software to map the room. I preferred that
method versus guessing as they have specific measured areas
to place each specific panel. I heard the biggest
improvement with the diffusion/absorption panels on the
ceiling which usually gets overlooked.
Just make sure you are also in agreement that the results obtained are improvements across the board.
Many over trap and pad down the room into a lifeless baron
sounding closet whats left is a dead unnatural perspective squeezing all of the life out of musics overtones.
The result sounds like a cheap broken drum machine recording from the nineties.
There's got to be life after a percussive attack if not your whole system will suck and you lost money.
Diffusion, Crown moldings, bookcases, chairs,record racks, Plants, nick nacks etc.
After having Rod Tomson of Soundings in Denver do a Master Set on my speakers, I sold all my tube traps that I had employed in various rooms (We moved a few times). Rod has developed a technique where he positions the speakers to work with the room. I no longer need the tube traps. I just have furniture, a rug, bookshelves, curtains and pictures on the walls as the previous poster said. Each room that Rod worked in for me resulted in much better sound than tube traps provided. For the price of a couple of traps, you get a much more natural and enjoyable sound. Audiophiles are very prone to over treat a room thereby sucking the life out of the sound.