Rives Audio Consulting - Advice?

I am currently trying to take my system to the next level. Before I purchase any system upgrades I want to focus on room optimization. I am considering hiring Rives Audio for either the "Entry" or "Custom" package. Please advise for either. My room is about 16 x 13ft with speakers on the long wall but the backside of the room is completely open into the kitchen and then to the rest of the house where the ceiling rises. Cosmetically, I do not want too much crazy looking stuff. Please advise if this will be worth my while. BTW, I have Revel F52s with all Ayre gear (C-7xe, K-5xe, V-5xe). Should this be my next step?
I think he had problems with big room nodes after a lot of time/money/treatments. Maybe he can expand on this further?
Well, this was an ongoing issue for about 3 years, so it is too much to go into here- I just can't type that much. Fundamentally, from the day the room was built I had and continue to have huge bass issues. And not only with the original speakers the room was designed around, but about 10 trial speakers since, since I'm basically hostage to the room. Total disenchantment with customer service ( did I mention total?) ie fixing the problem, other than the offer of a Parc or Talon speakers to try and remedy the issue. Um, I built a room so as not to have to use room correction. I ended up at one point with over a dozen real traps that finally tamed the bump and told Rives I thought they should reimburse me for them since the design was obviously crap. After destroying an already finished wall to put in a utterly useless Helmholtz at additional cost. Of course I was told the Real Trap cost ( which are a great product BTW) was mine and they wouldn't reimburse me, but would give me a good deal on Talon speakers. My feelings were, if you design a room and it isn't right, you should fix it. The Rives design plan expense isn't as problematic to me as the room construction expense. I spent a lot of $$ on the room materials and construction. And to tear it down to redo things, whcih has been suggested to me by more than one acoustician, is mind boggling to me. So in a nutshell, I built a room based on Rives design, it is virtually unlistenable in many respects, and there is nothing they would do about it. Bad room, their design, nothing they can do. Oh wait , there is- sell me a Parc.
Sorry, Streetdaddy. To get any feedbacks from Rives, you will need to download the PDF questionnaire from their website, fill it out, and fax it back. Yes, including the blank pages.