River cables anyone?

These test very well and won a shoot out on the audioholics website. I know those guys don't really beleive in cable differences, but the cables still looked to be of very good quality for the money.

I've never seen anything else mentioned about these cables, other than this shoot out. Anyone familiar with this brand, or better yet, has anyone tried them?
Did it seem at all odd to you that the StarFlex is configured and measures exactly the same as Canare 4S11?

I'm not sayin' - I'm just sayin'

Have, Inc. and RAM both have something very similar: http://store.haveinc.com/Ebus30/Parts/Part.asp?Part=20SP4S11-BB-006 / http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/speaker-cables.html#stan. Just different levels of 'prettiness' and less costly/upfront about what's you're getting.
I own them. I think they are excellent entry level cable. You will need to stick some of th better cables in your system in order to know the difference.
I have used the RAM Canare 4S11 with locking WBT bananas for almost two years and they have served me well. Ugly they may be but I am pleased with the sound. Never tried the River Cable but Audioholics gave one of their speaker cables a positive review.