Riva Audio - Festival

Im just amazed at the level of involvement this all in one system provides - is it detailed - no - does it image - no - it wont take you to any of the audiophile plateaus - but its overall soundscape is incredible - I just keep wanting to turn it up

with all the bs i have heard and owned over the years - this amp of 200 watts ab and the crappy speakers inside of the unit and the sometimes glitchyness of the app for your smartphone - involves me so much in music - that i forget im listening to a $345 all in one system - Im not a shill for the company - just someone who likes to find cheap things that sound wonderful. Below i just copied and pasted what "trillium technology is - that they use in their unit

"The RIVA team’s advanced understanding of physics, acoustics, and psychoacoustics resulted in the invention of Trillium, a new method for sound reproduction. Trillium up- mixes the left-right stereo signal and outputs it through three channels of amplification and seven transducers to create a stereophonic image much larger than the actual speaker size.

  • Active speakers, positioned left, center and right, mix in-air to create virtual left and right speakers outside the enclosure.
  • Passive radiators use a symmetrical arrangement to balance the vibrational forces. With physics, we convert more of the drivers’ energy into sound.

This creates a wider listening area with locked center image location which means every seat is the best seat in the house."

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