Rita Wilson-"AM/FM"

Well lock me in a freezer and call me a popsicle. Who the hell knew that Rita Wilson, (yes "that" Rita Wilson, aka Mrs. Tom Hanks) could sing?

AM/FM is her new album of cover songs and it's very good indeed. While she's careful to choose songs that are within her talent and vocal range, she chose wisely.

She has a beautiful voice, but a limited range, so the songs on AM/FM fit her perfectly. My favorites are "Please Come To Boston", "The River" and "Angel Of The Morning".

The recording is absolutely stunning. Lots and lots of depth and soundstage, but an almost eerie feeling of S-P-A-C-E and A-I-R. She does several duets and the voices are blended very well.

I was completely taken a back and shocked. Most of these celebrity "projects" don't fair too well, but AM/FM is excellent. Check it out...
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Just ordered it on Amazon - $ 27,50 on Vinyl

Thanks for the recommendation

While listening to this again, (and liking it even more), I was sure I recognized some of the duet and back-up vocals. Sure enough, helping her on this album are: Chris Cornell, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Webb, Jackson Browne, Faith Hill, Vince Gill, and Patti Scialfa.
Oh well, yes Rita's voice does sound pretty, but do we really need another MOR album of baby boomers' pop hits?

Two of the problems that I have with these efforts are that the originals are superior and there are deserving young musicians who are not given a chance to record on a major label, because some celebrity needs to record the hits of his or her youth.

I spend between $150 to $200 a month on CDs and so much of it is for releases of music from the past that has never made it to CD or music that I never discovered along the way. There is not enough new good music being released. The record labels don't take the chances with new bands the way they did 30 or 40 years ago. We get Rod Stewart and his great American Songbooks instead.

I don't like being a huge naysayer on this. But is Rita's version of Angel in the Morning going to lead to a re-discovery of Merilee Rush or the song writer (Chip Taylor)? Doubt It.

I'm glad Greg Brady voted for her instead of Marsha or his conniving girlfriend for Westdale High's new cheerleader. I will pass on her recordings since Johnny Bravo wouldn't approve of them!
I agree with Rar1 but she sure is nice to look at!
Did you see her on CNN's Pierce Morgan show plugging the new album?