Risky Pass purchase...?

I've recently purchased a Pass XP-20 to replace my Roksan Platinum pre but I haven't even heard the XP-20! As the deal was so good & my curiosity so great I had to get it.
I'm a bit concerned about compatibility with my Roksan Platinum dual mono power...

Can any other owners reassure me of its performance?! Does it live up to all the favourable reviews?
I wouldn't be concerned with compatibility it should drive your amplifier no problem. Roksan has a input of 38k and your pre amp outputs at 1,000 (using balanced connections)and much lower (150) using RCA. I think your in for a real treat...goose bump city!
Thanks Mattmiller, I was told that I'll love it but I have read views from some people who don't rate them.

I'm interested to hear the views from other owners...
No worries- Infection.
Pass Labs is the best solid-state gear at the present.
The XP-10 or XP-20 are very special indeed. Get ready to have your musical mind blown!

Happy Listening!
No risk great preamp.
Thanks Ebm & Jafant, I feel a sense of reassurance!

I'll let you know when it arrives & installed...

Do Pass offer different length umbilical cable? It's just that I'll be using it stacked so won't need 1.5m.