Risks of using SACD1 in Custom mode?

Are there any real risks? Has anyone done this and what have you found? I am running Mac 1201's with Egglestons and a c2200 preamp. Can I damage my system by doing this and are there any real gains?
I seriously doubt that there is anything a sane user can do which would present a problem. When I had an SCD-1 I had both tubed (Lamm L1) and solid state (Pass x-1) preamps, and first Pass Aleph 2 and then Classe CAM-350 amps, with Eggleston Andras. The system sounded better with the SCD-1's limiter removed--more open, better dynamics--but there certainly was no problem I was ever aware of. If you play disco/rock at club volumes, of course, something might go, but it's more likely to be your ears or your neighbors.