Risk in owning used McIntosh amps?

I am about to take the plunge in purchasing a pair of used Mcintosh monoblocks. Before I do that, I would like to seek advice from other owners of used McIntosh amps. Since the warranty does not transfer, what should be done when there is any problem? Are there other qualified technicians, especially in the San Francisco bay area where I am located, that could service the amps? I thanks you in advance for your feedback.
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Look up the dealer network on the Mcintoshlabs website, and contact the dealers. Some dealers like one here locally (Houston)can work on the Mac Stuff
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Go to McIntosh's Web site and select the Owners link at the bottom left, then select the McIntosh Service Network link in the middle of the page. From there you can get a list of authorized McIntosh service centers closest to you. Or, if you chose, you can send it directly to McIntosh yourself.
From one who has owned several different Macs for over 30 years, I will guess that you won't be having them serviced much-if ever.I bought 2 used. Great Amps.
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I had a MA2275 that I purchased used. I had a problem, contacted McIntosh and they handled it wonderfully, for a very reasonable fee. McIntosh equipment lasts so long and McIntosh is so serious about wonderful customer service that they treat everyone very well. Keep in mind that all of that pre-owned Mac gear gets serviced and changes hands over time, they are used to it! Have no fear with the Mac gear HOWEVER fear the company that is vague about how they will handle out of warranty repairs.
Minimal risk, I bought a used Mac pre a few years ago and it was a great piece and it never had a problem. The new owner has had a year of trouble free use as well. Thirteen years without an issue is pretty good. They are built like tanks.
a friend told me recently that there is only one service person at Mac right now and several weeks back up for a service call. His Mac did break (402 ss amp I think) and he went to one of their many authorized repair center who did fix the problem.