Ripping to FLAC - Lumin D2 users

I'm determined to rip my cds to flac as i have a Lumin player. Its going to be a long journey. I have had a play with exact audio copy but noticed it doesn't add album cover art. I may try dbpoweramp if that automatically does album art? If anyone has a Lumin player, please suggest the best way. Also,, has there been any development of cheap(ish) automated cd loader so you can do 20-50 at a time? Maybe that's a big wish but would of thought there is a market for this technology these days. I think i also read, there are companies that will rip your cds for you?  Thanks for your time.
Thanks sbank.  I tried xld this wkd.  Quick question, the metadata finds the album art but after the album is burned/extracted to flac the folder has the flac track files and log data file.  Therefore, when added to Lumin will the album art appear on ipad or do i need to add a jpg file?  If anyone can help, appreciated.  Adding album art manually to 500-1000 cds will be painful!
I use Yate to edit metadata and add art. It's about $20 but worth it. Much art will be added when ripping, but Yate also does auto searches and/or manual searches according to your criteria. 
The way I use Lumin app, AlbumArtist needs to be populated with my main key. It's fast and easy to edit via Yate. So all my Bach albums appear under Bach instead of be orchestra or soloist. My movie soundtracks all appear as one album titled the way I like it, by movie title not artist. Regardless of your preferences, Yate is great, easy Mac software to do your editing. Cheers,