Ripping SACD vs regular CD

I have been ripping my CD's using DB Poweramp and have gotten to my SACD's. Some are duplicate titles that I have already ripped a CD for. Is there any advantage to utilizing the SACD cd layer rip? I dont want to overwrite the MOFI DSOTM with the SACD cd layer if its not superior. I could put them in a seperate folder if there is an advantage.
If you don't have a computer drive that reads the SACD layer then the only thing you can rip is the cd layer of hybrid SACD disks. Doubt there is any improvement there. To my knowledge there aren't SACD drives for computers.

Please someone chime in and tell me I'm wrong because I'd love to be able to rip my SACDs.

i have two versions of a cd. the first is the original. then it was remastered as a hybrid sacd. i compared the hybrid layer with the redbook layer of the original cd and preferred the hybrid layer.

so, it would seem intuitive that copying the hybrid layer may give an aadvantage over copying the first version.
My strong supposition is that ripping the SACD layer will be of no use unless you have a DSD capable DAC, of which there are very few, IIRC.
There's nothing that can rip the sacd layer. There's not even any non-proprietary sacd digital out. It's to stop people ripping it.
Depending on your drive you can rip the cd layer of a hybrid sacd. I have ripped that exact disc. I have one drive that works and one that doesn't.

In a case where your cd is old and the sacd is remastered it would be better to rip the remastered version.
I use the SACD layer analog outputs to a stand alone Tascam CDR.
The Analog outputs from my Cary player playing the SACD layer is of higher quality than the CD layer.

The CDR recording won't be at 24 bit but it usually sounds much better than staright digital.
The SACD layer can be ripped using a PS3 with old firmware and some proprietary program. See this link:

You can then convert DSD to high rez PCM if your DAC is not DSD capable. More trouble than it's worth in my opinion, but it can be done.
Ozzy- I have a Philips cd recorder so maybe I can record as you have from my oppo 83SE into the cd recorder.
Just some random thoughts:

DCS has proposed a new DSD over USB standard which they have demonstrated but not released to public. Mytek has a DSD DAC already shipping based on this proposal. EMM Labs are also demonstrating their implementations. Playback Designs already have their own implementation.

PureMusic/Amarra can support DSD native streams over USB. I think PM even does it on the fly (no manual conversion needed on your side) to PCM.

DSD can be mapped to 24/88.2 which should be better than RBCD.

One way to rip is to use some HDMI output universal players like Oppo or SACD player like a PS3 to convert DSD to 24/88.2 over HDMI, use something like an Atlona HDMI splitter to optical and use something like a Weiss INT203 to take in the optical signal for recording.

Or if you can find an old PS3, get a native ISO/DSD rip.

Or wait for the major companies who have pledged to release DSD versions.
i have a few hundred ripped SACD's (dsd layer) i have on my server. they are stored and played back in dsd thru the Playback Designs MPS-5 and the USBX box. i also have a few 2xdsd files i play back in the same way; they were analog sourced.

i also have 1000+ hi-rez PCM files. generally the dsd is better to my ears than any level PCM high rez. and the dsd files played from my server are at least as good as the SACD disc.

and yes, assuming the dsd/SACD is not redbook or PCM sourced it's much better than any redbook/CD ripped to your hard drive. i have 1500 CD's on my hard drive to compare.
doggie, which record companies have pledged to release dsd versions?
BlueCoast and 2L for now.

But I remember reading in the dCS event that they are trying to get more to support native DSD. I think HDTracks has access to DSD masters. Linn too I would expect since they have a large catalog of SACDs.