Ripping Reference Recordings HRX Discs

I'm trying to rip my HRX discs to my server for playback on the PS Audio PWD with Bridge. So far I've tried using dbPoweramp, J River, and just simply copying the files via Windows 7 to my server without any luck. dbPoweramp doesn't seem to recognize the files even though they are wav format. J River tries to rip them then goes eventually to a blank screen, and copying through Windows times out and nothing transfers. (If the files did copy, I can't find them.) Any help or insights would be great.
Try EAC (Exact Audio Copy). It can pretty much handle any WAV file...

A very old thread, but I have the solution is anyone is still interested.  Since Reference Recordings HRx discs are data discs containing WAV files, they don't need to be ripped and thus no ripping software is needed, assuming you want to keep them in their native WAV file format, which you definitely want to do for best sound.  All you need to do is copy the files, not rip them to a new format.

Assuming you are using a Windows 10 computer, simply insert the HRx disc in a DVD drive.  If you have autoplay, set it to open folder to view files via File Explorer. Using Windows File Explorer, decide where you want to insert the new music files in your folder structure and create a new folder within that folder structure with the name of the disc as the file name.

Then simply select all the files on the HRx disc and drag them into the new folder you created.  The files from the HRx disc will then be copied as files within your new folder.  The copied files will be WAV with no compression, the way you definitely want them.