Ripping on a Mac: Options

I know this has been covered, but Argh! I can't find it. I think I read somewhere here that there are two good third partiy ripping software programs available for Apple Mac's. I'm using one already, Max, but I'd like to try the other program too. Anybody know?
Toast Titanium.

Works really well. This is the one I use
You can also use Audacity, it is free and fairly easy to use. Like Jeff, I use and prefer Toast Titanium.
Are you thinking about Max?

noWWW sbooth dot org/Max/
XLD is a new one. Look for threads on

Ckorody: Yes, I know about Max

Oldlistener: Thank you- that was the one I was thinking of.

Unclejeff, Vegasears: Thanks. I hadn't thought about Toast for audio rips. I don't own it, but I had been looking at it some time ago to use with Tivo.
Unclejeff, Vegasears: Will you please provide some instruction on how to use Toast to complete audio rips? I can't figure it out..... Thanks!
Just click on the Toast icon in the applications folder. If everything is correctly installed you should see an icon for Spin Doctor. open the program. A small window will appear. You should see 3 command choices "New Recording" which highlighted. "Open Previous Audio File" and "Open Recent Audio File"

Lets say you are going to rip an LP. Just click the highlighted button.

If you have not used the program before a help program will appear "Welcome to the CD Spin Doctor Recording Assistant" I have never used it but it should walk you through the steps better than I can. Ya gotta love Mac for the ease of use.
Nope,used the one in the Mac,good luck,Bob