Ripping NAS - RS3 vs. RipNAS

I noticed that both the RS3 Media Server and the RipNAS Server can be used to automatically rip CDs to FLAC and store for streaming by simply inserting the CD into its optical drive.

So between the RS3 Media Server and the RipNAS Server, which would you recommend?

What are the pros / cons of each?
Are you sure you want to use a dedicated NAS with ripping ability? Why not just use a computer and just get a standard NAS?
Ballan, just curious . Is there any issue to use NAS with ripping ability . Linn DS is using ripnas. What is the advantage of using computer with standard NAS? Thks
@Audioblazer: It depends on the application, but usually it's better to have a "ripper" and "NAS" as separate components. Its more flexible and upgradable. You might want to take a look at the new Naim UnitiServe. It acts as a ripper, server and storage, or it can network with other NAS and server units. The more flexible it is, the more options you have in the future. We are still in the early stages of digital audio distribution, and a lot of things are coming that will benefit from a modular system.
CD ripper, obviously, can work only with Red Book CD's. When you will wish to use hi-rez "DVD" like 176/24 of Reference Recording or hi-rez downloads then its useless to you. So, I feel, its better to keep NAS and ripper separately for separate upgarde paths