Ripping Multiple Cd's

I have been using a Mac Mini and a Squeeze Box for some time. I have about 400 CDs on the external Hard Drive in FLAC format and another 200 or so to go. Often I buy more Cd's per month than I get around to ripping. Using iTunes for ripping and organising. I'm not particularly happy with the the way the files get displayed in the Squeeze Center. Some of the Albums are fine but others end up fragmented into different folders, particularly multiple artist Cd's. The wife factor is not good with the squeeze center. Network issues come up now and then etc.

I have ordered a Sonos system and will be installing it next weekend. I have looked at the Sooloos and I love the interface but, ripping multiple CD's is still a time consuming process.

Having the time to fool with all of this is a big issue for me though. I would much rather spend more time listening or tweaking my system and less time fooling around with the whole digital data thing.

Enough with the background. My issue is with the time it takes to rip multiple CDs and organise them with all the correct meta-data and such. I don't really want to pack up all my CDs and send them off to a ripping service for $500+ dollars although I have been considering it.

Has anyone bought and or used the Ripstation?
For $399.00 this looks like it might be a good solution. Load up 25 Cd's and come back in a few hours and load some more. And you own it so you can re-rip things if needed, help a freind out whatever.

Any information or opinions are welcome!
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why don't you download tag&rename and use it for 30 days to edit your multiple cd's metadata as you see fit and then spend $30 after the trial expires?
not going to be much help but feel like spouting off...that is the reason i stopped using flac. i rip with windows media player to windows lossless and find zero difference in sound. i really do not understand all the posts about media players and lossless formats sounding better or worse. this does apply to your query somewhat as ripping with wmp is so quick and the data is almost always accurate.
Looks like a nice program. It appears it is windows only though. I suppose I could user my laptop but the external hard drive, I think, was formatted for a Mac. Anyway the whole point is time. I'm not sure it would save me any time especially for ripping additional Cd's.