Ripping files and backups do not match?

Hello all,

  I am in the process of ripping my cd collection to flac using dbpoweramp.  I am using my Dell laptop for the initial rip and then copying to two Seagate usb hard drives.  I was running out of room on the laptop hard drive so after backing up to the usb drives, I noticed the drives do not have the exact same amount of data in the music file.  There is 32,768 bytes difference.  I recopied both drives from the master file and the difference still exists.  The file count is the same and all artists and songs are the same.  Is this something that happens during the rip?  Should I be concerned?  Both discs play fine on my digital player and sound quality is equal.  I have over 1,000 cds and this is a very time consuming chore.  I just want to make sure I'm not messing up.  Thanks for any info or suggestions.
That’s almost certainly not a problem. The difference is probably related to differences between the drives in the "file system" and/or "cluster size" with which the drives have been formatted, which are not indicative of differences in the stored data.

If you want to be completely certain, you can download, install, and run one of the many available "checksum" programs, which allow you to compute the checksum of a file or folder, and compare it with the checksum of the original.

-- Al

Thank you Al, I will try one of the checksum programs.
To further what Al has stated, you want to ensure that you are looking at the properties "size", not "size on disk". Size should be identical while size on disk can vary.