Ripping CDs to Hard Drive and Live Recordings

Can anyone give me an explanation as to why some people do the following?  I go to rip a David Bowie box set titled "Live".  The metadata is accessed and the song titles appear.  And this is what I don't understand.  So it's not "Golden Years", but "Golden Years (live)" or "Fame (live)" not "Fame".  Why are people adding "(live)" to the song titles?  And some people uses brackets instead of parentheses just to be more annoyingly supercilious.


Metadata on CDs is pretty poor and certainly not standardized. Not sure who in the chain does this but it is not the users. The dats is also often wrong and reliably  inconsistent. I always look it over and correct to my liking when ripping.

I have a lot of live music and always modify the "album name" to start with the date of the performance. But that is not what anyone else will find as that only resides in my library. Frustrating for sure so best to just have a good way to modify the metadata. 

To differentiate If you have both studio and live versions of a given song in your library?

jbs is right -- metadata is not standardized.  And its been that way going as far back as I can remember, into the days of what could find on a LP label or album cover.  You would find incorrect song titles or times, and sometimes even in the wrong order.  One gets the feeling that the job was always assigned to the lowest level employee available. 

However, regarding the (live) label, I can see many people thinking it is important to differentiate between the live and studio versions of a song. Like jbs, I often edit my metadata on my personal collection using MP3Tag so that it appears in the way most meaningful to me. 


Why don't you mo3tag 'em and get it just right?

I don't like any pre made tags 

Don't even try classical.

I agree - that stuff CAN be annoying. I often have to go into iTunes and rename album or song titles, or artists's names...