Ripping CD Question

I recently purchased the Opera La Boheme on London with
Pavarotti. The sound is excellent. I attempted to copy the entire 2 cd's onto Windows Media Player and Real Player making sure that I maintained the lossless compression.
In any case, my goal was to load the entire Cd on Windows or Real Player and then delete what I did not want. In short, I wanted to make a CDR with the arias that I wanted the most. I made the CDr and I've encountered many skips
and errors that were not on the original cds. I tried it three times and three cdr's in the garbage, I figured why not try Exact Copy software which was recommended by other members. The only problem with Exact Copy was that it would only rip the entire Cd and would not let me
delete anything. My goal was to convert the 2 CD original into hit greatest hits if you would. Any help would be appreciated.
Download a copy of iTunes. It's pretty intuitive and allows you to RIP files in either WAV or Apple Lossless and then burn a CD. I'm pretty sure it's available for Windows (I'm a Mac guy myself) for free. You'll be able to do exactly what you have described.

Good luck.

I'm not sure why you're having trouble with EAC. Are the arias you wish to copy shown as separate tracks within EAC? If so, all you need to do is Ctrl+Click on the tracks you wish to copy and tthen choose Copy Selected Tracks from the Action menu. You can copy Compressed or UnCompressed...

You might also try ImgBurn if you can't get EAC to work. It's a free download.

Do you men CTRl plus return?
Thank you for showing me how to select the tracks for copying. The La Boheme I purchased comes on 2 cd'. Can I use exact copy to pick the arias from cd # 1 and cd# 2
and combine onto one cd. It seems to me that when I put in
CD # 1 and let's say copy 6 tracks onto a cdr, then if I put CD # 2 in and copy, Can I copy onto the same cdr # 1 as I will have the space. The question is, can I copy using part of the cdr and then copy from another Cd
and fill the reminder of the cdr. What I'd like to be able to do is to copy both CD's onto exact copy but there does not seem to have any ability to save in my library so to speak as Real Player, or Windows Media Player. Any further advice would be appreciated.
I think the problem is that the cd is protected. I had this same issue with several cds. EAC would rip it without any problem but when I listened to the cd I heard a lot of skips like you. I am not sure if there is a way around this. My protected cds will allow me to make digital copies of the tracks but at only a modest bitrate (i.e. not loseless).
Copy the songs to a folder (s) on your hard drive. I just use a desktop folder(s)for this. I delete the contents when I'm done.

Remove anything you don't want (or, keep it all, and then only load the songs you want from the folder (s), into the burner).

I keep my PC music stored on another hard drive, which runs an Linux operating system...both hard drives are on the same computer.

You can use the EAC burner....or, any other burner you like.

Using Sogood51's suggestion, how do I proceed? How do I copy the files to my hard drive using EAC? I know how to do it when I copy to a cd. How do I copy to my hard drive?
Thanks again.