Ripping and Tagging Services

Some time ago, there were some threads talking about ripping services, where you would UPS your CDs and a portable hard drive and someone else could do all the work.

I think I may have also seen something about this looking up the squeezebox device.

Could anyone please comment on their experiences or thoughts on this subject?

I would like to have all of my CDs ripped into "bit for bit" WAV files and would be particularly thrilled if they could also be tagged (?).

If any of you can vouch for the quality of other, truly lossless formats for use into a DAC, that would be great too.

But please please please please - no compression and no "I challenge you to hear the difference" type comments. I want the hard core audiophile solutions only.

One other question - does anyone know what happens or who pays for the transfer is there is a scratched CD which fails to transfer properly? Or does the EAC, slow ripping procedure pretty much eliminate this risk?


Thank you.
Most any CD that is playable in a transport will be able to be ripped and stored without any problem. As for any "service" that is devoted to undertaking the task for you, I am unaware is really not too difficult. If you want, I would be happy to undertake the task for you! Just let me know.

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You can't add tags to WAV files.
If any of you can vouch for the quality of other, truly lossless formats for use into a DAC, that would be great too.

I can certainly vouch for Apple Lossless - cannot tell the difference myself. You may want to just do an experiment to satisfy that question for your own ears. Just rip the same tune to several formats and have someone else play them back and take some notes on your repsonses.

No info on the ripping service, but it sounds like a good idea, and must be out there. A scratched CD would not necessarily be addressed by the error correction built into any given program....If the scratch obscures the information from the laser, or causes it to mistrack, I don't think there's any software that will correct for the mechanical error. As far as the service charging, my guess would be that they would as it would still take some time to figure that out, and you may still be able to rip the unaffected tracks anyway.

You can't add tags to WAV files.

I wonder if he was referring to the additional information to that provides the song title, artist, category, etc. I don't know if those are added as "tags", but they are easily added to the files prior to ripping them if you have an internet connection. At least that is how it works using iTunes. Without an Internet connection you would have to manually enter that information which is a royal PITA. Perhaps that's what's discouraging folks form ripping on their own. As Ben points out, it is a very easy process, especially in iTunes.

Ah are right again. I was not thinking in terms of using I-Tunes, but was just thinking in terms of creating a generic WAV file (I use EAC, not I-Tunes).

While I do not profess to be an expert on these things, I understand that I-Tunes does allow you to either (a) import WAV files into I-Tunes and add the "tag" info to I-Tunes; or (b) rip from a CD to a WAV file using I-Tunes, with the "tag" info.

However, I don't believe the WAV file itself carries the tags, but that I-tunes itself stores the info. But I would certainly defer to anyone else who knows these things better than I.
WAVs can't be tagged. If you convert to FLAC (lossless), you can tag the converted files with Artist, Track Name, etc. There are companies that do this for a fee, Google the term "CD conversion" and you'll find plenty.

There is also software available which will allow you to do this yourself, and most of them can automatically tag the files for you (they find the info. using the Internet). If you don't want to spend the time doing it yourself, maybe you could hire a friend or relative to do so, it would most likely be MUCH cheaper than engaging the service companies... they provide ripping services

Or Use PlextorTools with a Plextor Drive or EAC for others. I prefer ripping into Losessless FLAC.~400-440meg per CD