When I looked at the new VPI web site I was surprised to see two new tables, the Scout 2 and the Classic. I suppose I am too small a dealer to hear about these things in advance. I also did not see any mention of the TNT 6. An email to VPI has confirmed that , after 25 years, the TNT has been discontinued. The immediate cause was the cost and quality of presently available acrylic. I had a MK 1 TNT from shortly after it came out until last fall so I am a little sad. The next thought I had was the 12.7 arm. Apparently the only VPI table now available to take it is the HRX as the Aries extended has been out of the catalogue for some time. This seems unlikely to be a permanent state , $12000 seems to be a high entry point for a $3000 arm. But for the present , if you always wanted a TNT now is the time to see if your dealer has any left. [not me, this is a public service announcement, not a commercial.]
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much appreciated.
Requiem For A Heavyweight

It *is* the passing of an icon-I can fully understand your feelings for this tt, and thanks for the post. Sad that VPI hasn't given this deck a proper memorial.
The HRX is still a TNT model, so it still lives
I wonder if the statement of "the quality of presently available acrylic", is accurate, meaning that VPI was having problems with thier acrylic suppliers? I'd assume they certainly know more than I, being in the business this many years.

I could imagine, that there could be these anomalies, in that VPI would go through all the machining-fabrication work of an Acrylic Plinth, peel the paper, find defects like bumps, and pock marks, and the piece then has to be rejected due to cosmetic flaws.

Doesn't Tables like the Aries 3, and SSM still use Acrylic Sheet? If so, then maybe these as well will fall by the wayside soon?

I'm curious then, will that mean, that all we will perhaps see in the future from VPI, will be laminated MDF, (and/or wood) akin to a VPI 16.5 RCM, due to ease, and lesser cost of manufacture? Mark

VPI used to have many trade in TNT tables lying around the shop. If you really wanted one, I'm sure you could piece one together.
The Scout and Scoutmaster use different materials from the older tables. It is not as shiny and is apparently more rugged. It was VPI that told me that the TNT had been discontinued so they must regard the HRX as a different model. It does not use the acrylic that the rest of the top tables did. I am piecing this all together from what I read on the internet and the response to my email but I assume it is accurate. I was wondering if they would bring back the Aries Extended table for those who wanted the 12.7 arm but could not afford the HRX?
Acrylic was one of harry's one step backwards thing. I am sure Harry's business model will come up with something for the 12.7 arm, for without a table with a lower price point, that premium arm will go nowhere. Superscout reference is still the best value.
So I guess I should consider myself lucky owning a TNT6-HR w/12.7 arm!
I've been wondering if this would happen, as the TNT6 wasn't really featured on the old website either. However, if you asked about it, it was available to order.
Harry & company usually find a way to deliver what their customers are seeking(e.g. anti-skate, rim drive), so it wouldn't shock me if we see a TNT7 somewhere down the line...Cheers,