Rip stereo to mono

Hi All,
I use EAC for all my ripping to FLAC files. Is there a way to convert two channel rips to mono? Can you use EAC to rip mono? I did not find any info on the EAC site that addresses this question, nor can I find this option in EAC. I have multiple big rooms that need to have both channels in mono so the sound is uniform.
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Doug Clary
Any decent audio editing program should be able to do that. Although I am not specifically familiar with it, I suggest that you check out the free program Audacity. Its latest version provides FLAC support, and it is well regarded. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

I use a Windows-only professional program called Sony Sound Forge Pro, which is expensive, but I would expect its less expensive consumer-grade counterpart, Sound Forge Audio Studio (shown at the same link) to be suitable as well.

-- Al
Wouldn't it be easier to make the rooms mono?
Al is right about Audacity, it's fairly easy to convert stereo tracks to mono using it, though I haven't tried it with FLAC files. Instructions are here.
It still easier to convert the stereo signal to mono using Y cables.
It still easier to convert the stereo signal to mono using Y cables.
Not good practice, IMO. To the extent that the signals on the two channels differ, the output stages that drive the two channels will fight each other, adversely affecting sonics.

Another way to put it is that the output stage of each channel will have to drive the stereo component of the signal into a load impedance equal to the output impedance of the stage driving the other channel, which will be very low compared to the impedances it is designed to drive.

-- Al
Thanks to all for the help. Will check out Audacity.
I have done many times in home installs. It works well with two opposite Y cables. One combines the signal and the other splits it again so it can go to two channels. The cables can be used on a CD player output or any stereo device. I've never heard any adverse effects with solid state equipment.