RIP Robert Palmer

Robert died of a heart attack in Paris today :(
What a loss.................
54 years old, way too young. I wasn't necessarily a huge fan of his music but his videos were certainly enjoyable. Great eye-candy! RIP Robert
You guys should pick up "Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley" from 1974.

Its nothing like his 80's hits (which I enjoy as a guilty pleasure tremendously).

Anyway, another tragic loss.

ditto "sneakin sally", goodbye Robert.
"Sneakin Sally" used Little Feat as the band. Probably some of the best work both ever did. Palmer added a keener sense of timing/drive to the super but still somewhat lethargic band and in turn they seemed to influence his phrasing for the better.

My wife is now on me to quit smoking (once again) following the news of Robert Palmer's death.

I met Mr. Palmer @ Island Records in the late 70's (shortly before they folded/downsized their West Coast operations) and IMO he was a world class skirt chaser (learned more about picking up women in 5 minutes than I had previously to date @ 22 years of age).
Addicted to Love, what a Classic ! Thanks for the great times , Robert !