RIP Rick Laird

I keep hoping some day a live Mahavishnu box set will appear...

Oh man, just read this!
sad news!

 Mahavishnu Orch. Is amazing stuff.
bought the box set a while back, with tone other stuff,
no time to commemorate so many bands.

 Need 30 hour days to make time for good music!

 RIP Rick! You have an amazing legacy , your music will be timeless!

Yeah-- I wish I'd bought that box before it went out of print!
It's going for $100 or more, now. 

For me, when it comes to Fusion, Mahavishnu reigns supreme. 
I respect the likes of RTF and W. Report, but personally, I've never found their compositions remotely as engaging as McLaughlin's. 

At their best Mahavishnu Orchestra were incomparable.
This is the second Mahavishnu line-up, Rick wasn’t there but he might want to listen to it now..

Yeah-- that's a nice one.

I've never paid much attention to Mahavishnu Mk II but perhaps I owe them a closer listen.
stuartk, just one album - Visions Of The Emerald Beyond. It is almost like one composition.
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