RIP Richie Havens

A beautiful voice, and more importantly, a beautiful soul. Freedom, freedom. Sometimes I feel like I'm almost gone, a long, long way from my home...
Right on seen him in 1969...........
I only discovered him a few years ago during a 50s/60s folk music period I was immersed in. Love his voice and his message. He has a neat website too. His body is gone but his soul and voice are with us always.
Loved the way he just played his ass off at Woodstock.
Hope he had a good life.
Great artist. Seems like folks talk a lot about his Freedom song. But how 'bout "Here Comes The Son."
Saw him a couple of years ago in a small club in Cambridge, MA. What an incredible stage presence and energy. He broke a string on his Guild and switched to another one with out missing a beat. A very special musician. He will be greatly missed.
I saw him in a small club about 40 years ago. He was truly amazing. A great artist.
or "Here Comes the Sun"????
or "Here Comes the Sun"????

Yeah, I just caught that.