RIP Pfife Dawg. Rapper from legendary Rap group A Tribe Called Quest dies at 45

The Hip Hop community and the music world lost a great one in Phife Dawg. May he RIP. A Tribe Called Quest is one of the greatest Rap groups who used a lot of Jazz and Blues samples in their music. Lyrically they were on point and had lots of great things to say.

GFY Taters.
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RIP Pfife Dawg way too soon brother.
I snagged Low End Theory when it came out, way back, when they were sort of unknown. It's a spellbinding mix of hip hop and jazz. Ron Carter on upright bass. I turned many visitors on to them. It's not really rap as I define it, but more bouncy and fun. 

Also: they have a documentary, came out a couple years ago, it's really good. Made by an actor and huge fan of theirs. 
RIP Pfife Dawg - one of the all time great rap artists and bands.

Great job as first up on 'The Scenario'