RIP I loved the Monkees both the show and their music.
Love the Monkees. They were the first band that got me interested in music as a toddler.

Paul Westerberg used to perform a great cover Daydream Believer in his live shows. This version is a bit rusty but the crowd is raucous and having a good time.

Loved that show. Wow late 60s early 70s on TV?


I did get to see Peter, Mickey, and Davey at a ’60s & ’70s show with the Grass rootds, herman Hermnits, and some other groups. not many if at all had ALL of the orig members.

the back stories on the monkeys is rife with troubles.

peter was the only one going in with any degree of musicianship.


Darn Childhood tv...for how short of a run it had, it sure played for many years as syndicated reruns.  Interesting quote:
"This is not a band," Tork once told the UK's Telegraph in 2016.. "It's an entertainment operation whose function is Monkee music," he told Britain's Telegraph newspaper during a Monkees' tour in 2016. "It took me a while to get to grips with that but what great music it turned out to be! And what a wild and wonderful trip it has taken us on!

Reminds me to see these performers while we can. Just saw Herman’s Hermits (with Peter Noone) in a show at a 55+ resort. It was a short show, about an hour, but lots of fun. Peter N has been doing these shows for over 50 years. He still does his show on Sirius radio on Saturday afternoon. 

I was was very sorry to hear about Peter Tork. Only two members of the Monkees left. Sounds like another group I know.
blindjim,  Mike Nesmith had more post-Monkees success as a musician than Tork or the others, and for good reason--he could play, sing, and especially, write quite well.  Linda Ronstadt recorded at least two of his songs and had a hit with one of them ("Different Drum").  Anyway, the guy had musical talent and was an early video enterpreneur.  He was important in the creation of MTV.
My friends just saw Mike  Nesmith a few weeks ago he played the Sweetwater in Mill Valley. I didn't hear much about the show but one of my friends got his picture with Mike and was very excited.
Nesmith toured some in the 1990’s. I went to a show of his in L.A. because the opening band was The Hellecasters (a trio of great Telecaster players: John Jorgenson---who was in The Desert Rose Band with Chris Hillman, Will Ray---who has worked with Carlene Carter, Steve Earle, Joe Walsh, and Mike Nesmith himself, and Englishman Jerry Donahue---Fairport Convention, Robert Plant, George Harrison, Warren Zevon, many others). Can you imagine the level of musicianship on that stage?! Nesmith was okay, but I had to leave shortly after he began his set---I had a gig of my own that night ;-) .