RIP Panny Plasmas

Just saw a report on CNBC that Panasonic is planning on exiting the plasma business by March 2014. Can't say I'm overly surprised but still a bummer. Hope the others aren't following suit soon.
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So buy two or three plasmas and save 'em!
What's the problem?

Look on the bright side: Maybe they're gearing up for Oled production.
Supposed to be better than plasma -no?

BTW: Costco has a Samsung 55 inch 240 hz LED for under $800.
Is not a "smart" TV however.
Very sad but not unexpected news. I have three Panasonic Viera plasma sets snd love them. Not sure what I will do when one or all need replacing.
It is a shame, since the reference monitors used by engineers and techs in TV and video facilities are plasma (and CRT). I've seen the change-over to LCD and now LED with their bright, artificial colors. Terrible.

We just bought our first flat screen this past winter, a Panny 55"UT50 series at Costco. The picture blew away the Samsung that I returned for it, at almost 1/2 the price. My neighbor is a big LED fan boy, and gave me a load of s#*t when I bought the Panny plasma. He stopped over to watch some football about a month ago and now knows HE made a mistake!