RIP Maynard.

Today a great musician, Maynard Ferguson, died at the age of 78 from liver and kidney failure. Maynard was a great trumpeter, known for his screaming in the upper registers. Being an amateur trumpeter, I was always in awe of his tremendous versatility. Thanks, Maynard, for leaving us with some good music.
a true legend--did more for inspiring young muscians then most.
Here's a link from the Trumpet Herald forum on Maynard's passing. Interesting info on "The Boss":
Upper-register trumpet players have come and gone over the years, but Maynard was one of the very few whose high notes actually sounded like musical tones, rather than the screeching of the steam whistle at the local lumber mill. The bands he put together were intense concentrations of talent--people quite capable of writing and arranging, as well as top-notch playing virtuosity. His passing truly marks the end of the big-band era as we knew it. I hope he would be honored to know that I have carefully stored my collections of his LPs along with those of Stan Kenton in one end of my record cabinet, and these would be the first things I would save if my house ever caught fire. I will miss him.
Much maligned by the so-called "jazz purists", but one of the truly great and unique talents in all of music. His style and high note ability have not, and probably will never be equaled.

I had the opportunity to meet him, shake his hand, and have my picture take with him close to three years ago. I wish the occasion would have allowed for a chance to talk to him longer. Like many adolescent trumpet players all the way from the 1950's to the present, he was a source of inspiriation for me growing in the 1970's. Looking back on meeting him, I am glad that I took the opportunity to thank him and tell him how much his art has meant to me.

He will be missed by not only his family and friends, but also by a multitude of life long fans.
Great man, great music. Who can forget one of my favourites, " Carnival" LP? Now he gets to play with some of the best there ever was. Blow on!!!