RIP..................Lux Interior

Lead singer of the Nu Yoik horror/punk band 'The Cramps'.
A fun band to see live.
60 years young. Gone, but not forgotten.
Is he really dead this time???

I remember in the mid 80's Lux 'died' after their three or four night run of shows at the old Ritz in NY on 12th Str (I caught all these shows!) then a few years later my brother met his brother and told me he was just hiding and then he came back....

Maybe this will happen again or maybe not! I found it funny to see my stepdaughter at one of their shows about two years ago in St Pete!
saw the cramps at crazy mama'a in columbus. ohio in the 1980's....they were killer. real rock n roll pioneers
Huh ?,The Real Rock Pioneers were in the 50's.JD
Yeah, that would be a show: "R&R pioneers featuring: Elvis Presley AND the Cramps!" That would be the double bill to end double bills.
Never heard of this guy until today.
To me Lux Interior will really be missed as a person who was extremely knowledgeable about records.Apart from his career as front person for the Cramps,he was an expert on Rockabilly,Psychobilly and just plain weird records.He was often I'm afraid laughed off in much the same way as Tiny Tim was.Their public/stage personas caused people to overlook what incredible fountains of knowledge they were.Tiny Tim had a near encyclopedic knowledge of early twentieth century pop music,but people couldn't see past the surface.Long before Amazon or Elusive Disc Lux was poring through copies of Bim Bam Boom searching the ads of Val Shively and others when record collecting was in it's infancy.The Cramps will always have a place in Rock History because Rock is the arena for individual expression.I was a fan from the first time I heard them.When you heard them you felt the respect they had for the artists who perservered to make their own statement regardless of how weird or twisted it may have been.This man will be missed.
I used to dance to "Nice and Sleazy" in German clubs but saw them live at the Roxy in Atlanta in the early 90s and although visually a spectacle to behold, musically it was unspectacular.