Very saddened tonight to hear that Kate McGarrigle passed away last night after a three year battle with a rare form of cancer. I have listened to Kate and Anna for many, many years and will truly miss her great voice and songwriting abilities. Concerts with her and Anna were always fun, they were so relaxed and informal.

I got to meet her briefly at the Barns of Wolfe Trap in Virginia a few years ago...I was thrilled! She was very pleasant and really lit up when we told her how much we also enjoyed listening to her children Martha and Rufus Wainwright.
RIP Kate! This is one Canadian girl who will really miss you.
I also am very sad to hear about the passing of Kate McGarrigle , I enjoyed there music over the years . R.I.P. Kate
"I'm writing you a letter... I'm sending you a kiss" (Kate's closing words to her song "I'm Losing You")
That is terrible news.

I feel bad for her sister Anna too.

Several years ago I saw them together at a local community college auditorium (for $8) and it was one of the tightest bands and best concerts I have ever seen.

They will truly be missed...

I agree with you guys, a terrible loss.
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