RIP Jimmy Knepper

Trombonist Jimmy Knepper has passed away. An alumni of various Charlie Mingus ensembles, the latter knocked out one of the former's front teeth because of some disagreement while rehearsing for a gig. This situation caused problems to Knepper's playing for a number of years. Mingus was given a suspended sentence for this. Knepper, for obvious reasons, quit the Mingus outfit only to return years later. Knepper, quite the philosopher, apparently believed fate (musical, I would guess) reluctantly led him back to Mingus. Wonder if the prize for nastiest leader of a musical ensemble should go to Mingus or Buddy Rich?
He was a real virtuoso on an instrument much too rare in jazz.
Hey, y'all. Thanks. This cat was one of the BEST! He was simply so DOWN with the MUSIC. Thanks for the fyi, Pbb.
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