RIP Jay Bennett

Former Wilco member dead at 45
Played many instuments on Wilco's albums from 'Being There' to 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'
: ( Too young
What happened?

The Palace at 4 am is one of my favorite pop/rock cds of the last 10 years.
Wow - that's bad news.

He passed away in his sleep last week of May,cause still to be determined.I just found out.
He had some health issues and didn't have any health insurance. He was looking into a hip replacement and was either going to pay out of pocket are barter for the procedure. Very sad.
The troubled relationship between Tweedy and Bennett is documented in the wonderful B+W film "I am trying to break your heart" (2003). Bennett always seemed to be jealous of living in Tweedy's shadow. What started as a simple "behind the scenes" rockumentary surprisingly turned out to reveal Bennett's turbulent departure from the band and the band's equally turbulent departure from their label Reprise- and ironically their getting resigned for a lot more money with Nonesuch.

The film will be all the more poignant when you realize you are veiwing the beginning of Bennett's sad downward spiral the would end only 6 years later.

[We've got Wilco tickets for next week - their new album is streaming tonite for free...]