RIP Freddie Hubbard

Maybe there's already a thread on this, but Freddie Hubbard died a few days ago. Now that's sad. That guy played beautiful, versatile trumpet on an astonishing number of the most memorable jazz records ever. Personally, The Quintet, VSOP Columbia C2 34976 -- with Hancock, Shorter, Williams and Carter -- more or less defined jazz for me and is still a-go too album for pure jazz pleasure.

Sad day -- but the bright side? -- there are still many many bright sides to hear from this well recorded giant of jazz trumpet.
Loved Freddie, and sorry to hear of his passing...though if we're to believe, he's in the musical kingdom...
"Skagly" was a favorite of mine
One of my favs. Unfortunately I caught his show at the Catalina club last spring. He was obviously ill and couldn't play a note. Very sad all around.
RIP Freddie. I have lots of his records. Red Clay has to be my favorite. I got to see him live in Milwaukee in the 70's at a small jazz venue called Teddys.
In some recordings I preferred Freddie Hubbard's style of playing the trumpet over Miles' style. Miles is the best and my favorite, but Freddie blew so hard and great sometimes that it was impossible not to compare him favorably to the greatest. Rest in peace!
Freddie Hubbard played trumpet like few other in the world of jazz. Incredible control, dynamic as any, with beautiful improvisational interpretation. So many jazz trumpeters of the early 50's-late 60's played the soul of jazz, but often lacked the licks. Now-a-days, all too many blow the horn, but forget it's music they are conveying.

Freddie Hubbard was a rare gem. Check out "The Trumpet Summit Meets the Oscar Peterson Big Four". All three horn players; Hubbard, Clark Terry and Dizzy Gillespie are of the finest caliber, but Just check it out. Hubbard has been a huge influence on my son, an aspiring trumpeter, since his early exposure to the world of jazz and the horn.
Freddy, Miles and Clifford Brown. 3 of the best.
RIP Freddy.