One of a kind. R.I.P. Brother...
Wow. that's terrible news. I was so busy today I hadn't heard. Leah Chase and Mac in the same week.

New Orleans is mourning.
I just heard about it too.R.I.P. Mac
death of an Icon. I've always followed him since his first of a kind, for sure. That voice cannot be imitated.
Wow, been a bad day all around and now I find out about Dr. John passing, as I wipe the tears from my eyes and reminisce about partying in the park and the spillway in New Orleans on the weekends and the beautiful music he brought to us during those concerts and the people that I developed a taste for because of his influence. There will be and always had been a very special music coming out of that area and being from there for me was a blessing and his influence will always be felt and heard in others music that has been and that will be.
R.I.P. Night Tripper.
I feel bad for all of his fans, but I never "got him". An acquired taste for sure.
His performance was one of the highlights of The Last Waltz. I love how he walked right past Robbie to shake Levon’s hand as he was leaving the stage. A very cool cat.
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The performance was really good and a very happybirthday to all of you.