RIP Chick Corea

We lost another legend today.
Chick Corea blazed new paths for jazz from the 70's on.
Gonna Spin "Return to Forever" and "My Spanish Heart" tonight.
Here's Rick Beato's tribute:
Oh wow... had not heard that. I’ve grown up with Chick... especially the days with Dave Weckl... sad. 
81 studio albums, many, many classics.  Great pairings, associations, groups and bands.  A towering performer and innovative composer.   A very sad loss.
They're putting together a hell of a band up there.  Hopefully up there. 
Very sad loss.  My wife passed away on the same day as Jack Bruce.  

Just recently, before we got this sad news, I was trying to find a new copy of my double LP, "My Spanish Heart". I hope it’s available. Presently I’m listening to the old one, and it’s in better shape than I thought it was, but I still want a new one.

As much as I like what came before and after "My Spanish Heart", this double LP will always have my heart. Right now I’m trying to pick out a favorite cut, but I think that will be impossible, I like them all so much.

Chick looked so young for so long, that the thought of him possibly passing never entered my mind. I purchased this LP in 78, which was not long after it was released, and made cassettes which I played on my road trip from St. Louis to Atlanta.

Everyone who rode with me after reaching Atlanta was highly impressed by this album, I think it’s his best, but he produced so many fantastic works.

May he RIP.
One of my all time favorites. Heard him live many, many times. When he was in town, I’d often buy tickets for every performance. A virtuoso musician and a brilliant composer. He will be missed.