Rip CD’s to ?

Hi everyone. I’m wanting to rip my CD collection to one of the following devices. I am age 63 and not at all interested in using a PC, HTPC etc.

i want ease of use searching title, artist, genre etc.
metadata obtained on each disc via internet.
Im installing soon Kaleidescape for all my DVD’s. I love their GUI. Devices need to rip my CD’s and play back in lossless quality.
devices I am considering:

1. Cocktail Audio X35
2. Blue Sound Vault
3 Roon has a new device but you would have to add an outboard CD drive.
4. Get another K Scape player for only music. While I would get their great interface I don’t think K Scape would rip to lossless format?

Open to suggestions but no computers/keyboards please. Budget is $2500 maybe $3000.
thank you all,

I have a Bluesound Vault and it's ok, but the sound quality from ripped CD's is lacking compared to CD's played on my Audio Aero CD player. 

I recommend you research Innuos ZEN MK3 servers ($2,600).  I don't own one, but they seem to be popular.   If/when I'm in the market for this kind of device, this is what I'd be looking at.

I agree with @pdreher, the ripped CD’s in Vault sounds flat. Unless you plan to connect Vault to an external DAC for playback I would look elsewhere.  

I use my vault for its ripping and occasional streaming in my second system.  The Vault app is good and easy to use and no issue with metadata. 

I plan to replace my Vault with upcoming Aurender ACS100 for seamless integration with my N10. 

Guys thank you so much! I’m hoping members here have experience here with both Cocktail Audio X35 or their X45 - or using Kakeidescape’s GUI for CD’s ripped to their user interface. 
After using Cocktail Audio X12 for 6 years with no problem, I got X30 about 5 months ago.

With installing 2G SSD I am happy with the sound out of it using it as music server.

X35 is the updated model of X30.
Hi gang, I’m now considering the Roon Nucleus. I’ll add a outboard CD drive for ripping Looks like a very good solution to digitizing my CD collection to FLAC files with a great user interface.
Hello Dave 1980,

I find myself looking for a similar solution to the one that you layed out months ago.  What was you final solution. and purchase? I'm most interested in the Cocktail X45 at this point.
Hi everyone. I initially purchased a Cocktail Audio X35, open box. It turned out to have issues. I then purchased a Innuous Zen Mark3 from Dave at Audio Doctor. I simply could not be happier. You just pop the CD in and in 3 minutes or so it pops out. All meta data comes through Roon immediately. Sound quality is terrific! I highly recommend Innuous and Dave at The Audio Doctor, he was a real pleasure to deal with.