RIP Captain Beefhart AKA Don Van Vliet

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at the end of muffin man [zoot allures] frank zappa introduces the band and says "on madness capt beefheart". RIP
It's Moonlight in Vermont for the Captain. I recall hearing him on the bill as Steve Marcus and the New York Dolls in Boston at the Orpheum (1975?) and at the Showbox in Seattle (1984 or thereabouts). He was an original who always surrounded himself with excellent musicians. RIP
A true great.
The Savador Dali of music.
Shine on you Spotlight Kid...
One word, Willy the pimp. nuff said.
plus I love that album with him cluthing money on the cover. Songs like "Peaches" and "This is the day" are priceless. The cover of Trout Mask is a classic found in all the album cover books.