RIP Billy Powell

A great piano man.
Here's the Rolling Stone article:
Wow...56. So young.
Billy will be missed, for sure. For those of you that want quick links, here is link that Mofimadness added.

Cheers....and God bless Billy Powell, now he can join Ronny, Leon, Steve, and Allen jamming in heaven.

Just caught Skynyrd recently on a DirecTV concert and remarked to myself how well he carried those tunes. A great loss indeed.
That band / was one of my all time favorites....they all just seemed to be plagued with bad luck. They were great ...with the original members that is
I'll never forget the evening tv news broadcast in the 70's by Walter Cronkite that announced (& badly mispronounced) the rock group "lie-nard sky-nard" had been in a smallplane accident killing several members right after Street Survivors album came out.....oooh that smell is still billy
RIP. Loved his work.
Sad to hear of Billy's passing. Was huge Skynyrd fan back in the day.