RIP Art Dudley

One of my favorite writers. Always had something worthwhile to say. Sad day. 
He had the nerve to review Peter Belt’s Cream Electret and Silver Rainbow 🌈 Foil and he deserves a lot of credit for that. 
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So freakin’ young. I was looking forward to him getting older. I felt that he got it; really understood the delicacy and nuance and color of music. And chose equipment that brought out those qualities. I shared his love of idlers and tubes although I’d hazard a guess that my Garrard sounded better than his!
Very sad news indeed.  I found that as I got older I gravitated more and more to his views on audio reproduction.  I will miss his writing.  RIP, Mr. Dudley.

What was Art, in his 50’s? I loved his Listener mag, and his subtle dissing of HP (he worked for him at TAS). He brought the discussion of "tonal density" and "color saturation" in music reproduction to my attention, and some other sophisticated matters. The ability of any given component to reproduce the "forward momentum" (PRAT) in a music was a major priority, I would guess as a result of he being a onetime "Linnie". I admit he lost me when he would discuss the ability of a component to reveal the musical "intent" of the artist, which I found somewhat presumptuous ;-) .

He had a wide and deep appreciation and understanding of lots of disparate musical genres, and approached the quality of a recording "music first". My kinda guy.

Oh, this is a shock. He was my favorite Stereophile writer, along with Herb Riechert. Just the perfect balance of humor, focus and just humanity. I shared his taste in reproduction and just think he was a pleasure to read. I always gravitated toward his columns first.

He will leave a gaping, quiet  hole in the Stereoplile staff, and I am really, really going to miss that guy!  
Loved his magazine in the 90's as well as his reviews. He brought a lot to the table and will be missed. 
Art was a great influence on me. He turned me from a tight-assed sand-head to a lover of tubes, and back again to turntables (along with Mikey F). I'm enjoying the sound of my system much more now due to him doing a wash and rinse of my opinions regarding tube equipment and analog.

His passing has caused me a sadness I didn't know I'd have, I guess I could say I have had some love for the writer and person that was Art Dudley. I will miss him a great deal.

Rest-in-peace, Art
Sad for so many reasons. Young man and given the current health crisis, a proper funeral is not possible. 
Had the pleasure to meet him briefly in Manhattan ages ago 

Didn't always agree with him on a myriad of subjects but he could really write. Loved reading him. RIP Art.
I’ve liked Art Dudley since the days of his own magazine back during the 1990s. He was my favorite Stereophile reviewer. He just seem to genuinely love listening to music and gravitated toward audio components that he felt were natural sounding and emotionally involving. R.I.P. Art Dudley you’ll be missed by many appreciative readers of your excellent work.
Amongst the turmoil and crises in the world, music is something that can sweep
it all away for a while.
Art’s descriptive analysis of any component being scrutinised, could also take you away for a pleasurable while.

Such a sad passing for a talented young man. Art, you will be missed. RIP
Very sad news indeed. Never met Art but reading his writings over the years, I know he was a wonderful and very musical person. Just like the amazing Wes Philips he will be very much missed. Godspeed dear sir, and thank you so much.
Missing him already
the Band and the literate in heaven grew again today
Such a tragedy a great writer lost and a young man to boot. I loved Listener magazine and was a subscriber and loved Art's writing. RIP Art you are sorely missed.
I saw this news on Ken Micallef’s YT channel, and honestly just kinda went numb after hearing this news. Art was always one of my absolutely favorite writers anywhere. I didn’t know the guy personally, but still felt a connection with him. He seemed like such an amazing and gentle soul. He will no doubt be extremely missed.
Another irreplaceable. Only HP could be a greater loss. Immortals all the same.
Art was one of the great writer, enjoyed his humor and well written articles. Started to take interest when he started Listener, then moved on to Stereophile.His articles was always the first to be read in Stereophile.
He will be dearly missed .RIP
Heartbreaking. A mensch. A real humanist and oh so down to earth. My second table is a TD124, all because of him—though a worthy Shindo amp and preamp remain out of reach.
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Geez, last week Clark Johnsen and now Art
The old school audio guard has taken 2 serious hits
Absolutely shocked to hear this! I was just recently viewing both his and Herb's videos on youtube! Way too young to go! He will surely be missed, an excellent writer and reviewer. 
I was reading Art’s latest column in Stereophile when I was alerted to his passing.  I usually went to his articles first upon receiving each Stereophile (and Listener years ago) even though I didn’t share his preferences in audio gear because there was always something to learn and his approach was always enjoyable.
Art will be missed by many,

1954? Hmm, older than I thought. I WAS relieved that it wasn't the virus what got 'em. And I hadn't heard Clark Johnsen has also just died. Clark cornered me at one CES in Vegas, insisting I discuss with him his pet topic: absolute polarity. I was trying to tear myself away from him, as Ken Kessler was nearby, and I wanted to try talking Ken into selling me one of his Garrott Deccas. I finally got away, but to no avail: Kessler wasn't interested in parting with one. Glutton!

I don't expect another hi-fi writer as good as Art to show up in what remains of my time here. At least his record collection is in good hands, those of his wife and daughter, for whom my heart hurts. We'll miss Art, but not like they.

The other day, I received the latest edition of Stereophile. I looked to see which reviewers are still left there reviewing equipment. My next stop was to turn to page 37 and read "Listening," Art Dudley's column. The next day, I read that he had passed away. Crazy! I have enjoyed reading his words for years. I'll miss him.
Gulp.  Pause.  What? OMG, WHAT????

Yeah, this is a shock. He was a writer that really created a bond with the reader. And I think that probably many of us who miss him already and are so saddened to hear of his passing, feel like, even though we never met him we know him as a person. I loved his writing, I loved The Listener magazine, I looked forward to reading him every time I saw his byline. He will truly be missed. I'm going to say some prayers for the Departed for him.
One of my favorite audio writers. RIP. I do read a quite few audio magazines every month but know the names of very few audio writers (maybe 3 or 4). His was one.
I have waited to respond. I loved Listener. I appreciated his unique approach to reviewing. I hope his daughter may carry on, his legacy.

RIP Mr. Dudley.

Watched his tour of SoundSmith last night. Wow! What I could do if I were 40 years younger?
Just saw this today.  I was reading his column in the current issue before going to bed last night so it came as a shock to see the thread title.  I did enjoy his writing style and frequently found myself disagreeing with him but he was enjoyably provocative.
I just saw this news. How sad. He was a very entertaining writer, and I learned a lot from his writings for Stereophile. He was as opposite as you could get from an uptight audiophile. He will be missed. A lot.