my first pair of speakers were Qb
i loved the tweeter
later worked at a dealer with Infinity where we stocked much but never the IRS

RIP Arnie

A true visionary. Strangely I watched a video of him on a panel along with other speaker designers like Richard Vandersteen, Andrew Jones, etc., at last year's RMAF.


I met Arnie through Harry Pearson.  But before my meeting him i had the GREAT experience of hearing one of his greatest speakers....the Infinity Servo Static 1-A.  It was at the home of the late (and also great) Jim Foley.  I was awe struck and wanted to own one of his speakers.  My first was the Infinity 4.5 (a great one).  The i heard Harry,s IRS and wanted the baby version......which i purchased; The RS-1B.   Harry and Arnie can by my house for dinner and a listening session.  For over 6 hours i had the time of my life....Harry, all of his crazyness and Arnie a true gentleman.   Both are gone......many here don't remember either....sad.   Arnie will be deeply missed but he is in heaven........looking down at all of us (with Harry).
RIP Arnie, one of my favorite speaker designers! My first pair were Qa's
My first serious pair were 2b's. Thanks Arnie for the fond memories and great times with your speakers!
Arnie was the guy I pointed out when folks give new loudspeaker start ups grief with the old built in a garage line. He will be missed.
This is horrible news!  I've known Arnie for many years.  He was one of the first people I met when I got into the high-end business.

He helped me immensely. 

I bet Paul McGowan is devastated.  They were very close.

R.I.P. Arnie and thanks for all the GREAT sounds!!!
By the sound of my Renaissance 90's the man and his crew put their heart and soul into their work. Not only design and build great products, but actually test each unit to ensure it performed as designed.  You will see crossovers with different capacitor values in the same model.  If they didn't test right, they adjusted the values until they were perfect. 
Thanks for all your hard work Arnie. -John
Great story RWD !
man that must have been a hoot
lots of the true grit designers started in a garage
yes Paul is devastated- he posted up a nice tribute and link to a 20 minute interview w Arnie on his email/ blog
catch it !

I remember the 'early' Infinities, and watching/listening to them grow into the 'watermarks' they became.  Even got to own some...*S*

But legends become history...and we get to mark their passing.

RIP, Arnie...and Thanks.

...and thanks for that comment, johnk.  I'll keep that close at hand.... ;)
Another lion of the industry.  My good friend, Bill Legall, has had many of the Infinity IRS models in his home, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy them.

Rest in peace...
Always wanted to know what happened to Arnie.
owned various models of his infinity and Genesis Speakers 
enjoyed them all.
Will be missed 
enjoy the musical journey Arnie.
Even though I've been out of audio for the last 14 years, I'm glad I started when I did (1990)because it enabled me to read back issues of S'phile/TBS, attend shows and to eventually meet famous folks of the industry.